Hello and welcome! My name is Ivy Baca, Founder and Creator of Designs by The Vine.  I’d like to personally thank you for showing interest in my products and learning how I “Bib in Style”.

While seeing my 5-month-old daughter drool all over her shirt, I thought, ‘there has to be a better way!’. I wasn’t interested in the standard bib. I wanted something unique. After a few trial and error creations, I created what you see today; patterns to fit any unique style while being customizable, lightweight and easy to clean material, and sizable to grow with baby.  My inspiration may have come from my own daughter, but this business is catered to you and the special Little Ones in your life.  I look forward to creating new products and styles as this business grows.

My support for pursuing this venture comes from my family. Thank you for helping and convincing me to take a plunge and share some of my God-given talents.  My husband has been especially amazing; creating this beautiful website, organizing spreadsheets, helping with inventory, and even creating special origami gift boxes for gift wrapping. He has been my go-to on any question I might have. It’s been such a joy to start and share something together.

Let’s Bib in Style!